Finest Quality Hair Extensions
Finest Quality Hair Extensions


Imagine the picturesque canal walk of the pre-historic European city of Maastrich some 30 years ago. From a small table outside a café our father witnessed as countless heads were turning in awe and admiration as a woman with glorious divine hair confidently walked by. As her magnificent hair was on the lips of the young and the old, he knew then he had a call.

Our family helped our father to fulfill his dreams and created our own wig factory in the late 80s with an aim and desire to create unimaginable wigs, the “haute couture” of hair from genuine natural European hair of the highest quality – at a time where most of the market only knew synthetic hair.

By 2002 we were delighted to see that the demand had grown so high we had to establish another facility in Asia to cater all needs. A decade later, the devoted sons of the family decided to expand the family business and established an extension line with the incredible quality and techniques that was unknown to the market and Richy Hair Extensions was born.

When our first salon opened its doors in 2014 Miami, it was so much more than just a salon, we had created a piece of heaven within four walls where creativity and passion could flourish and make divine wonders. Due to its success, we decided to open up to distributors around the world to make sure we could continue delivering our precious hair and inspire and empower our clients world wide.

Suffice to say that gorgeous hair in the eyes of Richy is equal to joy and liveliness and family!  


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