Perfect Match To Your Natural Hair
Perfect Match To Your Natural Hair

Richy Colors

We know your hair is precious and unique and we treat our extensions with the same love and care. Our extensive and gentle dyeing process secures the original shine and health within the hair and enhances the full body and color.

With an extensive color collection of single, mixed colors and ombres (coming soon) in variety of lengths and solutions; Richy offers countless options and variations and would be your perfect partner, whether you look to enhance your natural color or wish to add some playful ombres or balayage.


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We guarantee

Our cold dyeing bath system preserves the natural texture of the hair, keeping the cuticles and its immaculate quality intact. This unique process prevents discoloration and potential damage which  traditional hair bleaching and dyeing methods would have often caused.

We take our time

Richy does not compromise on quality, which is why we are happy to spend up to 20 days to gently remove dark pigments from tip to root. We use a natural process of extracting the melanin from the hair shafts through a bath. As soon as we get the desired shade of the hair, our cold dyeing bath technique will take place.

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